Curocoxi is natural and organic compound that entirely derives from plants and plant extracts such as herbs and spices it has proven to be valuable alternative to antibiotics and has been shown to improve livestock performance.

Contents / Concentration

Unique combination of plant extracts & herbs

  • Challenges due to coccidiosis affects poultry can approve to have a significant negative and economical impact. Coccidiosis is particulary difficult to combat because there are several different strains and species of Eimeria in the field.
  • Time and money are spent by farmers each year in order to contaminate the feed mill from coccidiostat residues currently farmer use a system of medicating the poultry feed in order to avoid cross contamination Incidence of drug resistance to field strains of coccidian.

Why use Curocoxi?

Resistance is coccidia to currently used coccidiostatics to treat coccidiosis represents a serious problem in poultry industry the use of plant extracts to treat coccidiosis is a new approach when searching for the best natural extracts to treat coccidiosis. We have to take into account that extracts needs to be at least partially solvable in lipids to penetrate the cellular membrane because coccidia are located inside the cells.

  • Curocoxi is extremely effective against strains of eimeria.
  • Curocoxi is the safest anticoccidial available.
  • Curocoxi is not contraindicated with other antibiotics.
  • Curocoxi has not any negative impact on immunity.
  • Curocoxi working quickly and affectively.
  • Curocoxi has not any negative impact on water or feed intake.


Poultry & Turkey : Add drinking water 0.5 – 1 ml / litre.


500 ml, 1 litres & 25 litres