Lipotrohl Premix supplementation in broiler diets resulted in an appreciable increase in the AME of low-energy corn-soybean meal diets containing three different fat sources (tallow, palm oil and rice bran oil). The increase in AME was found to range from 81 to 98 kcal/kg diet. This study also demonstrated that LIPOCONTROL PREMIX supplementation facilitates the restoration of the metabolisable energy of low energy diets.

The energy sparing effect of Lipotrohl Premix allows a significant replacement of 10 to 12 kg of oil /fat in coxmuercial broiler diets which could be translated to substantial cost savings in feed formulation.

Contents / Concentration

Each 1kg contains:

  • Modified Lecithin : 20%
  • Herbal Choline (oats, sesame seeds) : 50%
  • Emulsifying Factors : 10%
  • Lipase, Lipase Promoting Factors : 3%
  • Xylanase, xylanase promoting factors : 3%
  • Vitamin A : 10000 IU
  • Vitamin D3 : 10000 IU
  • Carrier Yeast and Calcium Carbonateup to 1 Kg


  • Better Digestion & Fat Utilization
  • Better absorption of Fat Soluble Vitamins
  • Uniform Growth
  • Replacement of 100% choline chloride in ration.
  • Replacement of up to 40% of vegetable oil in ration.


Hydrolysis of lecithin and cleavage of phospholipids done by using polyphosphatase Al which produce balance hydrophilic and lypophilic properties.


Inclusion rate : 200 – 250 g per metric ton ration.


1 Kg