Prolay layer speciality is for Prevents Bacterial Diseases Relieves stress conditions. Improves Antibody titers. Improves Immunity. Better absorption of nutrients improves feed efficiency Increase egg production in layer and broiler breeders and commercial layers.

Contents / Concentration

Each 150gms contains 18 X 1011 CFU

  • L.acidophillus
  • L.casei
  • L.reutri
  • L.lactis
  • L.Salvaricus
  • L.Bulgaricus
  • L.fermentum
  • Bifidobacterium Bifidus
  • Entrococcus Faecium
  • S.cremoris
  • Olligosacharides fortified with N.M.B.Complex and acidifiers


150gms / 5000 Birds week a month programme and when production slump is there.
Use minimum 7 days in first drinking water


150 gms. per pack 100 units Per Drum