Totalcare is a antiviral which removesm,eliminate, destroy’s viruses. It has Unique and potent formula containing, Non Antibiotic viral and bacterial Antiviral Microbes, Antiviral Herbal and plant extracts, Fortified with Prebiotics, complex, Immunomodulartors and vitamin C in an enriched base.

Contents / Concentration

Totalcare consists of molecules that augment the host response to infections by promotinç the secretion of antibodies, interferones or by intensifying cell mediated immunity.

Totalcare inhibits viral multiplication by targeting a different stages of viral absorption fusion, uncoating, reverse transcription, integration, nucleic acid synthesis and maturation during viral replication without causing unacceptable side effects.



Totalcare Prevents and treatment of viral and bacterial outbreaks when start in early stage.
Totalcare Primary use respiratory infections caused by influenza A ,ND and LB.
Totalcare As a supportive in viral and bacterial outbreaks when medical interference late.


Poultry : 250 g per 250 litres of drinking water enough for 5 – 10 ton life weight, Per day repeated for 3 -5 days.
Compatible with all inject able drugs used in poultry.


250 gm in aluminium sachet