Probiotic Strain Heat Stable At High Temp of 90 Degrees - Bioprol

BIOPROL is a Feed Supplement for relieves stress conditions by correcting Intestinal micro Flora imbalances. Improves protective effect of vaccinations. More Eggs in Layers. Higher weight gain in Broilers. Improved Performance in Breeders. Improved Egg Shell Quality.

Contents / Concentration

Each 100gms contains 32 Billion CFU
  • L.acidophillus : 3.5 X109 CFU
  • L.casei : 3.5 X109 CFU
  • L.reuteri : 3.5 X109 CFU
  • L.fermentum : 3.5 X109 CFU
  • L.lactis : 3.5 X109 CFU
  • L.Salvaricus : 3.5 X109 CFU
  • L.Animalis : 3.5 X109 CFU
  • Bifidobacterium Bifidum : 3.5 X109 CFU
  • Streptocococus faceium : 3.5 X109 CFU
  • Aspergillus Oryzae : 3.5 X109 CFU
  • Torulopsis : 3.5 X109 CFU

Fortified with nucleotides metabolites and oligosaccharides-250mg



  • Multiple Species
  • Host Specific
  • Organisms
  • Bendefical
  • Heat stability
  • Can survive upto 180oC
  • Can be pelleted
  • Thermostablisation – process
  • Compatible with almost all commonly used Antibiotics
  • Keeps the gut healthy.
  • Prevents Bacterial Diseases like E-coli and Salmonella.
  • Competitive Inhibition
  • Competitive Exclusion
  • Producing Antibiotic like substances.
  • Villi becomes larger
  • More absorption of Protein and nutrients
  • More Eggs
  • Improved and persistent antibody titers.

Salient Features

  • Our Product BIOPROL contains 6 live species of beneficial Bacteria.
  • BIOPROL is stable at room temperature – stabilized using a unique
    (Thermo stabilization process) stable for 24 months at room temperature and can be pelleted.
  • Our product BIOPROL is compatible with almost all commonly used Antibiotic feed additives and feed ingredients.


  • You can Prevent bacterial diseases like E-Coli and Salmonella etc, Without the disadvantage of using preventive doses of common antibiotics.
  • There will be no antibiotic resistance and stress.
  • There will be no residues in Egg and Meat.
  • Decreased level of cholesterol in eggs.

Due to the inoculation of beneficial Micro – Organisms in the gut-the epithelial tissue will be healthy. There will be more absorption of protein and other macro and micro nutrients resulting in overall better performance i.e. improved FCR, more weight, Higher Egg Production, Less thin shelled Eggs etc.

BIOPROL is Manufactured using a Unique Stabilizing Process “Thermo Stabilization”.

BIOPROL can be analysed before use and also after mixing with the feed and can withstand heat of pelleting.

Increased Immunity: The greatest challenge today in poultry Breeding and rearing is to maintain higher persistant antibody titers.

BIOPROL has Incorporated Nmb Complex and Olligosachrides Which help in Increasing immunity- by increased antibody titers

Multiple species – Host specific Direct Fed Microbial

Product which can withstand heat of pelletting – shelf life 2 years at room temperature.

Compatible with all commonly used antibiotics (Antibiotic sensitivity Report is available)

Only Microbial that has included

  • You can Prevent bacterial diseases like E-Coli and Salmonella etc, Without the disadvantage of using preventive doses of common antibiotics.
  • Olligo Saccharides – Prebiotics
  • NMB Complex – Immunostimulant

On entry into the bird via

Feed these organisms become dominant.

  • You can Prevent bacterial diseases like E-Coli and Salmonella etc, Without the disadvantage of using preventive doses of common antibiotics.
  • Competitive Inhibition
  • Competitive Exclusion
  • Producing antibiotic like substances

The gut is healthy, the NMB complex raises the – Immune status – Increases Macropage and Lymphocytic activity. Villi – becomes larger and broader.

Bacterial and Viral outbreaks are prevented.

Gut is healthy: More absorption of protein / Micro nutrients: Better performance.

BIOPROL is a Speciality Direct Fed Microbial

  • Organisms in BIOPROL are symbiotic with lactobacillus cervices, Most microbial manufacturers in India are not even aware of this.
  • Only microbial where the organisms Acidophilus and Casei are absorbed, and also work in the Liver spleen and bursa.
  • Only Microbial that incorporates NMB complex (RNA neucleotides) where in, it directly influences increased lymphocytic and macropage activity thereby reflecting in increased and persistent antibody titers.


Poultry : 100gms / tonne of compound feed


1Kg. Per pac & 40Kgs. Per Drum

Bioprol Reports

Enumeration of Lactobacillus species Bacteria and Streptococcus faecium from BIOPROL.
Amendment to Lactobacillus Enumeration Procedure for BIOPROL.
Most Recent Review or Update:
Antibiotic Sensitivity Report
Stability Test Report